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Frequenty Asked Questions

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The Zida Control Sock is for both men and women. Anyone suffering from incontinence, overactive bladder, or nocturia-no matter your age- can use the Zida Control Sock. As long as you can put on a sock, have no nerve damage to your right foot, are not pregnant or have a pacemaker or implanted device, you are a candidate for the Zida Control Sock.
Yes. To use the Zida Control Sock, you need to get a prescription. This can all be done on the Zida website. Visit the resources section here: https://livezida.com/resources/ You can download and print a prescription form to bring to your physician. Once he/she fills is out and faxes it back, someone will contact you about getting you your Zida Control Sock.

Read the instructions below or watch this helpful video

Before you put the sock on,  make sure your foot and ankle are clean and washed. We recommend  applying conductive electrode gel (available in our store) around your ankle and right below your ankle bone to align with the placement of the two electrodes embedded in the sock.

Next, attach the control unit to the sock. Ensure the snaps line up in the correct direction and the unit is flush against the sock. Put on the sock as normal, making sure the toe and ankle area are lined up properly and pull the sock up taught.

Now, hold down the power button to turn on the unit.  The initial output for the device is 0, or no output.  You should see a green light, which indicates the battery is full. The light will then flash blue, which indicates test mode. Adjust the current level using the “+” and “-” buttons located on either side of the power button. until you feel a slight but steady current.

When the unit is set to the right level, the light will steadily flash green for the duration of the 30-minute  therapy session.

Once the session is over, the unit will automatically shut down.

This 30 minute session is repeated once a week for a 12 week period.

Some people do not feel anything while the sock is in therapy mode, but that doesn’t mean the device isn’t working.We recommend using a conductive gel, which you can buy in our store, and applying a liberal amount to your ankle and leg before each session.  

When the device is in test mode, we recommend increasing the current to the maximum  by continuing to press the “+” button until it reaches the maximum. At this level you should be able to feel the current and may need to lower it using the “-” button until you reach a comfortable level.

There are no serious side-effects from using the Zida Control Sock.

If you maintain the recommended weekly treatment for 12 weeks and follow the educational program, you should see a difference for life!  According to our data and research:

  1. 80% of people who used the Zida Control Sock for 12 weeks experienced a reduction in symptoms of either urinary frequency, or urgency and/ or incontinence.
  2. 71% decrease in incontinence episodes after using the Zida control sock for twelve weeks.
  3. 62% decrease in urgent daily voids after using the Zida control sock for twelve weeks.
Some patients start to see improvement as soon as four-six weeks after beginning treatment.
The official instructions are to use the device once a week for 30 minutes for 12 weeks.
The Zida control sock is completely safe and has been approved by the FDA as an effective treatment for incontinence and over-active bladder. The device should not be used if you are pregnant or have a pacemaker.

The Zida Control Sock trains the brain to stop sending the wrong signals to the bladder that tell it to empty, even when it is not full. This mis-signaling is the root cause of incontinence and overactive bladder.

Using patented embedded nano-electronics, the ZIDA Control Sock accesses the nervous system via the tibial nerve, which travels from the ankle region to the sacral nerve. By stimulating this nerve, which regulates bladder function, the ZIDA Control Sock has been proven to effectively quiet the overactive bladder and stop the brain from sending messages to empty your bladder unnecessarily.

Making sure the sock is in the right position is as easy as putting on a regular sock. Just make sure your foot is properly aligned so your toe and your ankle are firmly in the two blue areas on the sock.  Learn more about positioning the Zida Control Sock and device,

The therapy from the Zida Control Sock should feel like a slight tingling sensation.  Some patients may experience an involuntary movement of the toes.  If at any point during the treatment,  you are feeling uncomfortable or the vibration is stronger or weaker than you would like, use the “+” and “-” to adjust the current to a more comfortable level.

The Dr. platform we work with is 100% safe and all of your information is protected.
Yes, consuming alcohol is safe while using the Zida Control although too much alcohol can irritate your bladder and cause incontinence.
Yes, the initial output of the device is 0 and every time you turn on the device, the level is at 0 and needs to be adjusted. You may also find that one day you may need to press the + button 10 times to get to a comfortable level where you can feel the therapy being delivered and the next day it may only take three presses. This is because the levels are directly related to a number of different factors such as blood pressure and blood flow that can change on a daily basis.
If you can feel the therapy being delivered, it’s working properly. The most important thing is to set the device at a level that is most comfortable for you to remain at during the duration of the therapy (30 mins).
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