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The Zida Control Sock is a wearable sock that uses a detachable neuromodulation device to deliver transcutaneous tibial nerve stimulation which has been clinically proven to treat incontinence.

How to use the Zida Control Sock?

Put on the sock

Press the on button

Wear the sock for 30 mins

The ZIDA Control Unit is a high-quality, durable device designed specifically with discretion and ease of use in mind. The unit delivers signals in the form of electromagnetic pulses, which deliver neuromodulation therapy to reeducate the body.

Neuromodulation has been clinically proven to treat incontinence and overactive bladder without any adverse effects.


Use only once weekly for the recommended 30 minutes treatment session. More frequent use of ZIDA or longer treatment times have not been clinically evaluated. Overuse may result in medical complications. For more use instructions see User Guide.


ZIDA is a nueromodulation System that is intended to treat patients with an Overactive Bladder (OAB) and associated symptoms of urinary urgency, urinary frequency, and urge incontinence.


ZIDA is a home-care Neuromodulation System that is minimally invasive. The system is designed to deliver non-invasive access to the sacral nerve plexus through transcutaneous electrical stimulation of the posterior tibial nerve. This method of treatment is referred to as Transcutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation (TTNS).

The ZIDA Neuromodulation System consists of the ZIDA CONTROL UNIT and the ZIDA Embedded Garment (Sock, Tights).
The CONTROL UNIT is a battery powered, external pulse generator, which is designed, constructed, and manufactured for multiple use. The CONTROL UNIT should only be used in conjunction with a ZIDA Embedded Garment (Sock/ Tights).

The ZIDA Embedded Garment (Sock/Tights) transfer(s) the electrical pulses from the CONTROL UNIT to the tibial nerve via the embedded silver knit electrodes.


Design Features:

» Lightweight, ergonomic, wearable design.
» Intuitive power and pulse intensity controls.
» Raised and embossed buttons to provide physical feedback.
» Indicator lights provide operational status.
» One-way fit connection site for the CONTROL UNIT and Embedded Garment.

2.Electrical Current Settings:

» Pulse characteristics:
       – Fixed pulse frequency of 20 Hz.
       – Pulse width of 200 microseconds.
       – Square waveform.
» Resistance of 500-4000 Ohms.
» Ten incremental presses on the current adjustment buttons increases/ decreases the stimulation level by 1 mA (R.M.S).
» Continuously pressing on the current adjustment buttons increases/ decreases the stimulation level by 1 mA/Sec (R.M.S)


1.Use of the device is contraindicated for use on patients with
the following medical history or conditions:

» Patients with pacemakers or implanted defibrillators
» Patients prone to excessive bleeding
» Patients with nerve damage that could impact the percutaneous tibial nerve or pelvic floor function
» Patients who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant while using this product.

2.The CONTROL UNIT is not intended for intra-cardiac or trans-thoracic use.

3.Concurrent use of medical monitoring equipment during stimulation is not recommended.

4.This device is not suitable for use around flammable compressed mixtures including but not limited to oxygen or nitrous oxide.

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